Technology is one of
the main pillars of Finsolutia.

The investment and management services that are available to our clients are underpinned by our innovative proprietary asset management platform, which has become the core structure that supports our business strategy and activities.

Web-based, Internationalized Platform

Holistic management of heterogeneous international loan and real estate portfolios.

Powerful Business Analytical Tools

A single platform and a common database that provide a full range of Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools.

Mobile Apps: Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile Apps provide convenient versions of the platform to be used by various stakeholders (Asset Managers, Investors, Vendors etc.).

Versatile and Integrable with other systems

A solution that integrates and interacts with other systems, such as financial institutions, payment systems and real estate portals.

Our platform was built in-house based on our business know-how, international best-practices and mimics our process-driven DNA. It is not linked to any legacy platforms, and thus avoids the restrictions and pitfalls of legacy and third-party systems.
It is renowned in the market for its user-friendly interface and capability to manage various asset classes in a single platform. Moreover, the platform has been localized and customized, to incorporate the specific unique asset management aspects of the portfolios under management, within each international jurisdiction.