A diligent and independent team
that investors turn to.

Over the years, Finsolutia’s strategic advisory team has demonstrated its skill and dexterity in advising our clients, which range from Tier 1 investors, bad banks, national and international entities, and financial institutions.


Our independent status allows us to provide unbiased recommendations that reflect our clients' interests exclusively.

Advisory Range

Provide advisory services on the acquisition and management of various performing to distressed portfolios, where the assets can range from residential secured and unsecured loans to real estate, corporate/SMEs, and more.


A fully dedicated team, comprised of highly experienced and seasoned professionals, which has provided guidance and advice on hundreds of heterogeneous loan and real estate portfolios.

Advisory Range solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Portfolio Review, Analysis and Due Diligence (e.g. loan file and legal review, coordinate and conduct collateral valuations, etc)
  • Portfolio Pricing using a proprietary data model, including Business Plan, Recovery Strategies and Cash Flow forecasts
  • End-to-end management of tender processes, including support on closing
  • Specialized Client-Focused Consultancy for a multitude of asset classes